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Please Note: Forms are available as PDF Forms, Microsoft Word Forms, or both. For PDF Forms, information can be entered directly into the form fields using Acrobat Reader, which is free from Adobe. However, any information that is entered WILL NOT BE SAVED. After you have entered all the required information, you must print the form. PDF Files can be saved with the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

Forms for the Graduate School's research programs, including the Internal Review and Approval Form (IRAF), are available on the web site of the Division of Sponsored Programs .

Graduate Student Forms

Academic Bankruptcy Declaration Form Appeal of Dismissal
Students dismissed from their program
3+2 Enrollment Approval Form 
EKU undergraduate students wanting to pursue the 3+2 program to earn graduate credit towards their major. (This is not a concurrent enrollment request)
  Visiting Student Certification
EKU Students seeking to take grad courses at another university
Concurrent Enrollment
Undergraduate students in their senior year seeking to take Graduate courses
Declaration of Finances
International Student Application
pdf Graduate Assistant Application
Graduate Students seeking assistantships should send this to their intended program at the time of application.
GA Request for Add'n Employment
For Graduate Assistants seeking additional on-campus employment
Independent Studies Proposal
Current Students seeking approval of independent study courses
Diversity Scholarship
Part-time or non-degree students meeting criteria of Ky Plan
Petition for Exception in DegreeWorks
Petition tab in student DGW audit has replaced the College Exception Form
pdf Request for Exception to Time Requirements      
Appeal of 7 year limit for Master's degrees
Simultaneous Curricula - Autism Spectrum Certificate- For OT, PSY, SED & CD degree program's. Simultaneous Curricula-Industrial Hygiene Certificate- For MPH degree program

Faculty Forms

Application for Graduate Faculty
Initial Appoinment
GAIN Registration
Grants Access to GA Nomination System
Application for Graduate Faculty
Graduate Faculty
Guidelines for Graduate Faculty
Criteria for attaining Grad Faculty status
Application for Graduate Faculty
Adjunct/Clinical/Practitioner Status