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Change Your Program

Graduate students who have been admitted to a graduate program may apply to change their program for one of the following reasons:

  • Change from one degree or certificate program to another degree or certificate program*
  • Request admission to another degree or certificate program while maintaining enrollment in the current program (dual degree)*
  • Change from non-degree to a degree or certificate program**

When changing or adding a program, students must meet the admission requirements of the new program. Enrollment in one graduate program does not guarantee acceptance into a new program. All deadline dates for application apply for students seeking a program change. Keep in mind that different programs may have different requirements for standardized test scores and that official scores for any applicable test must be received prior to the granting of clear admission.

*Students who apply for a program change from one program to another, and have not applied for graduation from the current program, will be dropped from their current program.

**A maximum of 12 semester hours of coursework may be transferred from non-degree status to a degree or certificate program.


 Steps for Changing Your Program

Complete the Graduate Application for Admission

  1. Graduate students who wish to apply to a new degree or certificate program must submit a new application. The application must be received at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the new term. Please note: you cannot register until you have been accepted into your new program. You must notify the Graduate School Office if your registration plans change from that indicated on your application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. The application fee must be included with your application.

  2. Meet all of the Admission Requirements for the new program.

    Enrollment in one graduate program does not guarantee acceptance into a new program.

  3. All completed applications must be received by the Application Deadlines for the semester in which you wish to enroll.

    Late or incomplete applications cannot be processed.

NOTE: Credentials submitted for admission purposes become the property of the Eastern Kentucky University. If the applicant does not enroll within one year, the admission file is destroyed unless the student contacts the Graduate School.