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Graduate Curriculum Guide

Approval Process

General Process

All additions/modifications of 700-, 800- and 900-level courses, as well as additions/modifications to graduate programs must be reviewed and recommended for approval by the Graduate Council. Appropriate reviews at the department and college level must be completed prior to submission of curriculum review requests to the Graduate Council. Requests for curriculum review should be sent to the attention of Demita Kubala in the Graduate School from the office of the dean of the college. The complete curriculum review packet should consist of an original and eight copies of the following:

  • A cover letter from the Associate Dean of the College or designated college official with a summary of all requested course/curiculum action. The cover letter should also indicate the appropriate contact person for each requested course/program modification.
  • A completed Curriculum Change Form for each course/program request.
  • Requests for new courses, or significant modifications of existing courses, must be accompanied by a course syllabus. Review criteria for course syllabi can be found on the New Course Requests page of this site.
  • Requests for new programs must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. Suggestions for supporting documentation are given on the New Program Requests page of this site.

The contact indivdual(s) listed for each program/course modification will be invited to attend the Graduate Council meeting to answer any questions or provide additional information related to the requests.



The Graduate Council conducts a thorough review of each requested course/program addition/modification. To allow appropriate time for review, requests must be received at least three weeks prior to the next meeting of the Graduate Council. The dates for the Graduate Council meetings are published on the Graduate Council page of this website.

Requests for curriculum reviews submitted to the Graduate School are distributed to members of the Graduate Council Curriculum subcommittee two weeks prior to the meeting of the full Graduate Council. The subcommittee chair may seek additional information, clarifications, or corrections from the designated contact person identified in the cover letter from the college. To assure consideration by the Council, it is important that these requests be responded to in a timely fashion.


Notification of Curriculum Actions

The Graduate School will notify each college within one week of the recommendations of the Council. Council recommendations are also posted on the Graduate Council website. The Graduate School will also notify the Council on Academic Affairs of the Graduate Council's recommendations.