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EKU Graduate Assistant Information Network (GAIN)

GAIN is EKU's digital student employment hiring tool for Graduate Assistants (GAs).  This page is intended for faculty and staff of Eastern Kentucky University; please review the presented information carefully for system directions.  Students with questions about GA positions, please contact your specific graduate program of interest or consult the other EKU Graduate Assistant webpages.
Using the GAIN System:
The individuals who post the nominations in the system are referred to as “Hiring Managers.” Once posted, the nomination will have to be approved  by the Chair/Department Head.
As noted on the GA Hiring/Nomination webpage, the first step for a new user/hiring official is to complete the online GAIN Registration Form.
GAIN System Login Links
Following the granting of access to the system, click on the links below to log In to the GAIN System: 
Logging into the System
  • EKU employees will login in with their EKU email without the “” (typically their firstname.lastname) in all lowercase letters.
  • If a password is forgotten, go to the appropriate login page (“Hiring Managers” or “Chairs & Deans”) and click on the “forgot password” link. Type in your login and the system will email you your password. You must be using the correct login screen for your job assignment and your login must be in all lowercase letters.

Please make sure that information regarding the funding source is entered correctly in the GAIN system. For positions funded by the Graduate School, please make sure to identify the Graduate School as the Funding Source and 200100 as the Funding Organization Code.  Because of reductions to operating funds, the Graduate School will no longer be able to correct funding for GA positions erroneously charged to departmental budgets.

GAIN Instructions For Returning GAs
  • GA nominations must be renewed each semester through the GAIN System. To do this, log into the GA nomination website and click on “Renew Nominations” in the left-hand menu bar. Make any updates necessary and submit.
  • Please note that students whose GA positions are being renewed, without changes, do not have to go through the Human Resource process again (as long as there has not been a lapse in their employment). Questions regarding this process should be directed to the Human Resource Office (859-622-5094).

Eligibility for Returning GAs

GAs are eligible to hold a position for a maximum of four (4) terms if they are in an EKU graduate program that requires 41 hours or less.

Exceptions will be considered for programs which require more than 41 hours to complete (e.g. Clinical Mental Health program requires 60 – 66 hours; therefore the graduate school would allow the student to work as a GA for an additional 2 semesters, provided that they meet all other requirements).  

  • GPA must be 3.0 or higher – if a GA is placed on academic probation, he/she will be dismissed from his/her GA position
  • GA’s must maintain full-time status (unless an exception has been requested and approved by the Graduate School) – otherwise, if a GA drops below 9 hours, he/she will no longer meet the requirements to hold his/her GA position
  • Indicate whether this is the student’s last term before graduation. Yes or no
  • Make sure that the student is registered for 9 hours or more, before submitting his/her renewal form (GAs are given a one-time exemption and may register for less than 9 hours is it is their last semester before graduation – must be indicated on the renewal form).
GAIN Instructions For New GAs
Make sure the new GA's application has been/is being processed through the HR OES. New GAs must have both the Grad School nomination through GAIN and the HR OES completed.

For more information on EKU OES, please see the resources available on this page.

BEFORE submitting a nomination for a new Graduate Assistant, please make sure the following information is available:

  • Student’s EKU ID number
  • Job posting requisition number – this number can be found on the job positing
  • Verify student’s GPA – must be 3.0 or higher (students who are beginning their graduate program the first semester that they are hired will not have a GPA. Enter “N/A.”
  • Verify that the student is registered for 9 graduate hours or more (max hours allowed is 13)
  • Average Hours/Week – (is this position a “FT” position or “HT” position?)
  • Student’s degree program – this field is asking for the program that the student is currently pursuing. We need the correct program information to ensure the tuition waiver is correct (e.g., the doctoral rate is different than the master’s degree rate)
  • Last Term – Yes or No. (Students who are in their last term may use their one-time exemption from full-time status, if needed. This means that they can still meet the GA requirements if they are registered for less than 9 graduate hours – if they have not already used their exemption)
  • Educational Justification – Do not leave this box blank (nominations will be returned if this information has not been completed)
Checking GA Status
  • After submitting a nomination, check the status of that nomination by logging into the website and clicking on “View by Term” in the left-hand menu bar.
  • Select the current term, and a list of the GAs submitted for that term will be displayed. By clicking on the maroon links next to each student, you can view his/her nomination form.
  • The list of approvals is listed at the bottom of each form. If it has been several days and the “Chair” and/or “Dean” has not approved, please contact them to see that the nomination is processed as quickly as possible.
  • Once the approval from HR appears on the bottom of the form, the student has been approved for hire. If it has been several days and HR has not approved, please contact the HR office to find out what is preventing that student from being approved.
Missing a Pay Date - GA
If a GA does not receive a paycheck:
  • Check to make sure a nomination form has been submitted by logging into the system and clicking on “View by Term.”
  • Check that the nomination has been fully approved by logging into the system. If the nomination has been submitted, make sure it has been approved. If it is missing a “Chair” or “Dean” approval, contact that person to have it approved. If it is missing a Grad School approval, contact Kelly Fox (information below). If it is missing an HR approval, contact HR.
  • If the nomination has been fully approved, check to make sure the student has filled out their payroll paperwork by calling HR.

EKU Graduate School Staff Contact for Graduate Assistantships:  Kelly Fox - 859-622-1744