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Faculty / Staff Graduate Assistant Frequently Asked Questions



How many graduate assistantships is my department allotted?



The good news is that the EKU President’s Council decided to hold GA positions harmless in 2020/2021 funding.  Therefore, the number of graduate assistantships funded by the EKU graduate school will not change (per college) from those awarded during the 2019/2020 academic year.

  • Hiring officials / Chairs please contact your Dean/Associate Dean for more information on GA allocations. Many departments fund their own GA positions from their departmental budgets (in addition to EKU Graduate School funding).
  • Deans/Associate Deans, please contact Dr. Ryan Baggett if you have any questions regarding your allotment of EKU Graduate School funded assistantships.

Who may serve as a Graduate Assistant at EKU?

The Graduate School has developed a Graduate Assistant Requirements/Eligibility webpage.  The first section of the page lists “Eligibility Requirements” for those students seeking a graduate assistantship.

Is there a webpage designed for potential graduate students who may be considering a GA position?


The EKU Graduate School has developed an infographic located at   This page will give students the basics about GA positions and provide a link to Graduate Program Coordinators for more information.


What is the deadline for Departments to enter fall 2020 GA nominations?

A nomination by early August 2020 will allow for the workflow to reach the Graduate School before the first week of courses.  The Graduate School will continue to process GAs throughout the semester, but after the second week both the stipend and tuition waiver are prorated.

Is the GAIN system a replacement for EKU Human Resources Online Employment System (OES)?






Posting the position in the EKU Online Employment System (OES) provides a position number and background information on candidates applying for the Graduate Assistant position.  It should be one of your first steps in identifying new GAs.

This process expedites the background check and activates the student in payroll for the semester.

Please visit the EKU Student Employment page for more information.

Instructions for GA/Student/Part-Time OES Postings

Additionally, contact your college’s EKU Human Resources Representative for more information.

How do I login to the GAIN system to make GA nominations?


Not only has the GAIN system been updated, but the GAIN information webpage has also been updated.    The page has login links for Hiring Managers, Chairs and Deans, Graduate School Administration and Human Resources Administration.   Additionally, it has information on usernames and passwords for the GAIN system.

Our department has an existing GA returning for fall 2020.    How many terms (semesters) can a student serve a department/program as a GA?



GAs are eligible to hold a position for a maximum of four (4) terms (semesters) if they are in an EKU graduate program that requires 41 hours or less.

Exceptions will be considered for programs which require more than 41 hours to complete (e.g. Clinical Mental Health program requires 60 – 66 hours; therefore the graduate school would allow the student to work as a GA for an additional 2 semesters, provided that they meet all other requirements).

How many hours a week are GAs allowed to work and what will be their stipend amount in 2020/2021?

Work Hours Each Week:

  • Full-time GAs, 20 hours each week is expected.
  • Half-time GAs, 10 hours each week is expected.

The 2020/2021 stipend will be the same as last year with:

  • Full-time GAs - $5600 per semester and six tuition credit hours
  • Half-time GAs - $2800 per semester and three tuition credit hours

What information should a hiring official have available before nominating a NEW Graduate Assistant?


Go to the  GAIN information webpage

On that page, hiring officials will find information entitled “NEW GA Nominations”.   There are a number of new items listed on the website that must be collected and entered into the GAIN system for a NEW GA nomination.  

What information does a hiring official need prior to renewing a GA nomination in the GAIN system?


Go to the  GAIN information webpage

On that page, hiring officials will find information entitled “GA Renewals”.   Information about student status, GPA and term can be found there. 

Is there any training for new EKU Graduate Assistants?

In addition to On-the-Job Training (OJT) that will be providing by your department/program, all new GAs must complete the New GA Online Orientation before their position can be approved by the Graduate School.   One the GA is nominated, they will be registered for the training with an email sent to their EKU accounts. 

The online orientation training is facilitated by the Blackboard SaaS Learning Management System with eight modules on a variety of instructional topics.

Our Graduate Assistant wants to work an additional assignment on campus,  is this permissible? 




The GA must complete an electronic Request for Additional Employment form for approval.

As noted on the form…

Under the guidelines of the Graduate School, full-time GAs who have completed 18 or more graduate hours in their program with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, may be approved for up to 7.5 additional hours/week of on campus employment. Similarly, part-time GAs are permitted up to 10 additional hours of on campus employment. Permission to work additional hours is granted sole by the Dean of the Graduate School and is not guaranteed. Work supervisor responsible for this request should include a clear rationale for additional employment.  Please note that International students on Student Visas are limited to a maximum of 20 hours/week. Requests must be routed to the student’s graduate academic advisor for recommendation and then to the Graduate School, Whitlock 310.

What should our department/program do if our GA resigns their position during the semester?

If a student resigns his/her GA position, the Hiring Manager must submit a “Cancellation Request” in the GAIN system to end the position (the last date of employment should be entered on the form).

The student’s stipend and tuition waiver will be prorated based on the ending date.