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GA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:      What are the eligibility requirements of a GA?

A:       Please see GA Eligibility Requirements

Q:      How many hours per week are GAs allowed to work?

A:      Full-time work 20 hours per week and Half-time work 10 hours per week for 16 weeks Fall and Spring semesters.

Q:      How many semesters may a student be a GA?

A:      Please see Continuation Requirements

Q:      Can a student be a GA during summer?

  • The EKU Graduate School funds GA positions for Fall and Spring semesters only.  Any student working for summer semesters must be funded by their department or an external grant. The same qualification rules apply as in fall and spring semesters except full enrollment is considered 6-9 credit hours for summer.

Q:      What duties are GA expected to perform?

A:      Please reference page 6 of the Graduate Assistantship Guide.

Q:      What should GAs do if their department asks them to perform an activity they do not feel falls within GA appropriate duties?

  • GAs are encouraged to contact the EKU Graduate School whenever they have questions regarding any aspect of their position. It may be necessary for the Graduate School to contact the GA’s department to discuss applicable job details.

Q:      How do GAs resign their positions?

A:      Please reference page 20 of the Graduate Assistantship Guide.

Q:      How much is a GA stipend?

A:      Please reference page 4 of Graduate Assistantship Guide.

Q:      How are GAs paid?

  • A GA’s stipend is paid out in pay checks (direct deposit) on the 15th and 30th of every month. A semester is typically 16 weeks so a GA who has been working the entire semester will receive 8 paychecks (providing that HR has all required paperwork from the student). The first pay date for fall is August 31st and the first pay date for Spring semesters is January 31st.

Q:     Is tuition taken from the stipend?

  • Tuition is NOT taken from the stipend. Tuition is managed by the Billings and Collections office and is unconnected to GA funds. Tuition must be paid at the start of the semester or a payment plan must be arranged with Student Financial Services.

Q:     What might cause a GA not to receive a paycheck?

Missed paychecks might occur at the start of the semester. There are 3 reasons a GA may not receive a paycheck:

  1. The student has not filled out the appropriate payroll paperwork with HR.
  2. The student is not eligible for a GA (lacking GPA, enrollment, or program).
  3. The student’s Nomination form was not approved in time.

Q:     Who receives tuition waivers?

  • All GA whose positions are funded by the Graduate School receive partial tuition waivers of 3 -6 hours. Some departments fund GAs as Institutional Student Workers and may not include tuition waivers in their support. Check with your hiring manager if you are unsure whether your position qualifies for a tuition waiver.

Q:     How much is a GA tuition waiver?

A:     Please reference page 4 of the Graduate Assistantship Guide.

Q:     Why might a GA not receive their tuition waiver?

  • GAs will not receive their tuition waivers until their nominations are officially approved by HR and they are fully enrolled 9-13 hours. If a GA is in his/her last semester and does not need 9 hours to complete his/her degree, he/she must contact the Graduate School to have the waiver applied to the account. A GA whose position is not funded by the GS may also not receive the tuition waiver. You should speak to your hiring manager if you are unsure whether your position qualifies for the waiver.

Additional Questions on Graduate Assistantships at EKU, please contact 859-622-1742.