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GA Hiring / Nomination Process

April 23, 2020 GAIN SYSTEM NOTICE: The Renew Nominations link has been updated. Hiring Managers may now begin posting GA renewals for the Fall 2020 semester.


Awarding / Nominating a Graduate Assistantship

The EKU Graduate School and Office of Human Resources have implemented a two-stage electronic system for approval of all graduate assistantship appointments. Please use the following procedure to process assistantships:

1. ALL NEW GA Positions must be posted through the HR Online Employment System.

  • Posting the position in the online system provides a position number and background information on candidates applying for the position.
  • Please see the EKU Human Resources Student Employment Services webpage for more information.
  • This process expedites the background check and activates the student in payroll for the semester. For help using this system contact HR at 622-8046.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Background checks are required of all graduate assistants. Students nominated for graduate assistantships must submit their information via the Human Resources Online Employment System to authorize initiation of the background check. Students are typically notified within 7 to 10 days of the background screening outcome.

2.  The EKU Graduate Assistant Information Network (GAIN) System

  • Following the identification of the student(s) to fulfill the GA(s) positions, the hiring official must enter data into the GAIN System.   GAIN is EKU's digital student employment hiring tool for Graduate Assistants (GAs). 
  • Faculty/Staff users new to the GAIN system, please complete and submit the electronic form for access to the system.
  • After access has been granted to the GAIN system, faculty and staff and strongly encouraged to visit the content located on the GAIN information page for login information as well as instructions on the use of the GAIN System.                    

3.  EKU Graduate School Verification

  • Following the data entry nomination into the GAIN system by the hiring official from the hiring department and the subsequent approval by the chair/department head of the work assignment and the college dean/unit head, the EKU Graduate School verifies the students’ eligibility and forwards the nomination to EKU Human Resources.

4.   FINAL Step in Hiring / Nomination Process - EKU Human Resources:

  • EKU Human Resources confirms the student is set up as an EKU employee and adds the student to payroll.

PLEASE NOTE: Graduate assistants should NOT begin working until they have been officially approved for the appointment. The Graduate School also regularly reviews the records of assistants to determine their eligibility for continued appointment.

Tax Information for Graduate Assistants

Upon approval of their nominations, graduate assistants must provide evidence employability, complete a background check, and submit an I-9 Form. Federal income tax and state income tax will be withheld from each payment. Graduate assistant benefits include Worker's Compensation. Coverage is provided for illness or injury which is work related. Hospitalization, medical expense, and a portion of any lost pay is included in the coverage.

Tax information is provided by the Payroll Office. Additional information on current tax laws can be found on the IRS website. A helpful guide is Tax Information for American Scholars in the U.S. and Abroad, Publication 520, revised edition, published by the Department of the Treasury, IRS. You may obtain a copy from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

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