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Graduate Assistant Information

This information is also available in a PDF download.

Eligibility Requirements

Students nominated for a graduate assistantship must meet the following requirements:

  • Admission into a graduate degree program: GA must be clearly or provisionally admitted into a master’s degree program. Students in any of our certificate programs are not eligible.
  • Full-Time Enrollment in a Graduate Degree Program: GA must be registered for a minimum of 9 credit hours of graduate courses during the fall/spring terms (6 hours in summer). Enrollment in undergraduate courses may not be used to meet the full-time enrollment requirement unless the undergraduate courses have been specifically identified at the time of admission as required to meet program prerequisites.
  • Graduate GPA Requirement: GA must maintain a minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 at all times.
  • Academic Overloads: Because of the demands of an assistantship appointment and that of full-time enrollment in a rigorous graduate degree program, academic overloads (more than 12 graduate hours/term) are not permitted for students holding a full-time graduate assistantship.

Note: Students admitted to a graduate program at EKU on Probationary Admission are not eligible for graduate assistantships until they have met the requirements for Clear Admission to the program.

Assignments and Expectations

Graduate Assistants may be assigned duties related to Teaching, Research, and/or Service. Duties assigned must convey some benefit to the student that is related to their program of study. Use of graduate assistants for clerical or administrative functions unrelated to their program is not permitted. The relationship of the assigned duties to the academic program should be clearly described in the Educational Justification section of the Assistantship Nomination.

With the increased support for graduate assistants provided by EKU comes the expectation that graduate assistants will be used in ways that support the University Mission. In particular, the use of graduate assistants as tutors or teaching assistants that support EKU's efforts in recruitment and retention are highly encouraged.

Finally, as graduate assistantships should only be awarded to our strongest students who are enrolled full-time, it is the expectation of the Graduate School that students on assistantship appointments complete their degree requirements and graduate within the normal 2 years of support provided by the assistantship. Programs that do not adequately assure timely progress toward degree completion for their graduate assistants may see their allocation of assistantship positions reduced in subsequent years.

Awarding a Graduate Assistantship

The Graduate School and Office of Human Resources have implemented a two-stage electronic system for approval of all graduate assistantship appointments. Please use the following procedure to process assistantships:

1. ALL GA Positions must be posted through the HR Online Employment System.

Posting the position in the online system provides a position number and background information on candidates applying for the position. This process expedites the background check and activates the student in payroll for the semester. For help using this system contact HR at 622-8046.

2. There must be a Nomination Form submitted electronically for each student.

This Nomination form must be approved by the Graduate School before the student can be added to payroll.
In order to use the electronic Nomination system, you must be a registered user.
Fill out the GA User Registration Form and submit it to the Graduate Office to be assigned a login ID.

You do not need to complete the HR Online Employment System before submitting an electronic Nomination for your students. Human Resources is the final destination for all GA information. Once you determine who you are going to hire: post the position via the HR system, have the student "apply" to it, and fill out an electronic Nomination form via the link below.

3. Once the nomination is submitted an email alert is sent to your Chair/Program Head for their approval. The Chair must sign in to the GA website and approve the nomination for it to then be sent on to the Dean/Unit Head.

4. Upon approval by the Chair/Program Head, an email notification will be sent to your Dean/Unit Head.

5. Once both authorizations have been made, the nomination alert will automatically be sent to the Graduate School, where it will be checked for eligibility and approved.

6. When the student's nomination has been approved by all the authorizing parties and the Graduate School, it will be automatically forwarded to HR. HR will match these nominations to the electronic applications in their system and then add the students to payroll. Human Resources will not process a GA without both pieces of the process.

**You can log into your GA account at any time to view your pending nominations and see where your nomination is in the process and who has approved it so far. With this system, you will no longer have to wonder if your GA nomination has been approved or where it is in the approval process.

Stipends and Tuition Waivers

GA stipends are $5600 per semester for full-time (20 hours/week) positions. The Graduate School asks that departments meet this amount for full-time positions. Student assignments may only be 10 hours (at $2800/semester) or 20 hours (at $5600/semester) per week positions; they may not be further divided.

Beginning Fall 2010, all Graduate School funded GA will be issued tuition waivers. Full time GAs will receive six credit hours and half time GAs will receive half (three credit hours) of this amount. Tuition waivers cannot be combined with any other scholarship support.

Using the GAIN System

The individuals who post the nominations in the system are referred to as “Hiring Managers.” The nomination will have to be approved twice; once by the “Chair/Department Head” and once by the “Dean/Unit Head.”

Logging into the System
Everyone’s user name is their EKU email without the “” (typically their firstname.lastname) all lowercase letters.
If a password is forgotten, go to the appropriate login page (“Hiring Managers” or “Chairs & Deans”) and click on the “forgot password” link. Type in your login and the system will email you your password. You must be using the correct login screen for your assignation and your login must be in all lowercase letters.
If you have never submitted a nomination before you will need to fill out the User Registration form.

Making Corrections
If you submit an incorrect or incomplete nomination, click on “Edit Nominations” in the left-hand menu bar to make changes. If the “Chair” and/or “Dean” have approved the nomination, they will need to reapprove once changes have been made.
A nomination cancellation request can be made by clicking on “Request Cancellation” in the left-hand menu bar. This will send an email to Demita Kubala to have the position cancelled. You must include the student’s last day of work if they had been active.

For Returning GAs
GA nominations must be renewed each semester. To do this, log into the GA nomination website and click on “Renew Nominations” in the left-hand menu bar. Make any updates necessary and submit.

For New GAs
Make sure they have been/are being processed through the HR OES. New GAs must have both the Grad School nomination and the HR OES completed.

Checking GA Status
After submitting a nomination, check the status of that nomination by logging into the website and clicking on “View by Term” in the left-hand menu bar. Select the current term, and a list of the GA submitted for that term will be displayed. By clicking on the maroon links next to each student, you can view his/her nomination form. The list of approvals is listed at the bottom of each form. If it has been several days and the “Chair” and/or “Dean” has not approved, please contact them to see that the nomination is processed as quickly as possible. Once the approval from HR appears on the bottom of the form, the student has been approved for hire. If it has been several days and HR has not approved, please contact the HR office to find out what is preventing that student from being approved.

Missing a Pay Date
If a student does not receive a paycheck:

  • Check to make sure a nomination form has been submitted by logging into the system and clicking on “View by Term.”
  • Check that the nomination has been fully approved by logging into the system. If the nomination has been submitted, make sure it has been approved. If it is missing a “Chair” or “Dean” approval, contact that person to have it approved. If it is missing a Grad School approval, contact Demita Kubala. If it is missing an HR approval, contact HR.
  • If the nomination has been fully approved, check to make sure the student has filled out their payroll paperwork by calling HR.