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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantship Allocations:

  • Deans and unit heads are notified regarding GA allocations to their respective units. Please consult with those individuals on any allocation questions.

Graduate Assistant Stipends:

  • The stipend levels will remain at $11,200 for full-time GAs / $5600 for half-time GAs for the 2021-22 Academic Year. Please review all stipend levels to make sure they are correct before submitting nominations.
  • GA stipends are paid out in semi-monthly paychecks on the 15th and 30th of every month.
  • For the spring semesters the first checks are paid on January 31st (providing all paperwork has been processed) and the last check is paid on May 15th. For fall semester the first and last pay checks are August 31st and December 15th.
  • Should there be a delay in adding a GA to payroll, causing the student not to receive his/her first paycheck, the stipend will be pro-rated over the remaining pay periods.

Graduate Assistant Partial Tuition Waivers:
All GA positions funded by the EKU Graduate School will receive a partial tuition waiver.

  • Full time GAs will be granted a tuition waiver of Six (6) credit hours of graduate tuition.
  • Half time GAs will be granted a tuition waiver of Three (3) credit hours of graduate tuition.

Please Note:   In cases where GA positions are supported by grants, departmental, or other funds the funding source is expected to provide the tuition waiver as well as the stipend. Approved exceptions may be made under exceptional circumstances. Contact the Graduate School if you have questions about the impact of the tuition waiver on departmentally funded GA positions. Programs that are unable to provide funding for the tuition waiver should consider hiring students as student workers through HR, rather than as Graduate Assistants.

Graduate Assistant Work Hours:

  • Graduate assistants are expected to begin working the first week of classes and continue working work through the last week of finals.

  • Full-time GAs are expected to work 20 hours each week while half-time GAs work 10 hours per week.

  • Graduate Assistants should work with their faculty/staff supervisor to schedule their hours each week.