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Graduate Council

The EKU Graduate Council promotes learning by creating, reviewing, and approving policies that support and maintain high quality graduate programs.  In doing so, it proposes policy for graduate education at EKU and makes recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School in the development of graduate programs to encourage, foster, and support:

  • scholarly and creative research
  • achievement in graduate education
  • recruitment and retention of graduate students and faculty

During their monthly meetings, the Council reviews and evaluates existing graduate programs of study as well as curriculum and program requirements and makes recommendations on these issues to the Council on Academic Affairs.  Additionally, it reviews and approves departmental nominations for graduate faculty status.  

The EKU Graduate Council usually meets monthly on the third Friday of the month with the Council’s Executive Committee meeting on the second Friday of the month.  

* Please send electronic copies of all curriculum forms and Faculty Nominations to

NOTE: A master pdf with the complete college packet, as well as word documents of each item should be included. The 2022-2023 schedule is provided at the link below:

eku_graduate_council_meeting_times_and_dates_-_ay_2022_2023.pdf320.43 KB