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Graduate Curriculum Guide

This section of the Graduate School Website provides information for chairs, graduate faculty and graduate program coordinators on the procedures for additions and modifications to EKU's graduate programs. The NEW Annotated Graduate Syllabus should be used as a guide in preparing syllabi for all graduate courses. The sub-links on the menu bar provide information and strategies for submitting requests for new courses, new programs, and course or program modifications through the Graduate Council. Here is a brief description of these pages.

  1. Approval Process: Presents guidance to faculty and department chairs on the approval process for curriculum actions related to graduate programs.
  2. Course/Program Revisions: Provides instructions for submitting course and program revisions to the graduate council. This page also includes instructions for dropping courses or suspending graduate programs.
  3. New Course Requests: Describes criteria for the addition on new graduate courses. This includes specific criteria and examples for appropriate documentation of 500-700 courses.
  4. New Program Requests: This page provides overall guidance on the development of new graduate programs and includes the review criteria used by the Graduate Council in recommending new graduate programs.