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Graduate Faculty Application

Quality programs begin with quality faculty. Members of the Graduate Faculty at EKU have agreed to undergo a periodic review of their teaching, scholarly, and service activities to demonstrate continuous contributions to their respective academic disciplines.  

Recommendation for service in any of these categories begins with the department chair and must be approved by the dean of the college and the Graduate Council.

The supervision of theses and service as a chair of a Graduate Advisory Committee is restricted to Full or Associate Graduate Faculty. Service as chair of a doctoral dissertation committee is restricted to Full Graduate Faculty. Normally service on Graduate Advisory or Graduate Examination Committees and teaching graduate courses is restricted to Full, Associate, or Clinical/Practitioner Graduate Faculty.


For complete documentation and criteria click HERE

CATEGORY: Explanations / Qualifications:
Initial Graduate Faculty Appointment (Associate)
Full-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty with Department's Terminal Degree, have not previously applied for graduate faculty status.  Associate status has a two year appointment - followed by a nomination to full Graduate Faculty
Graduate Faculty (New and Renewal)

NEW - Full-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty with Department's Terminal Degree, have a teaching record of at least three graduate or upper-division undergraduate level courses in the past two years, recommendation from department chair indicating quality teaching and other scholarship requirements noted on the website above.  Next step after two years with Associate Graduate Faculty Status.

RENEWAL - After a graduate faculty member holds graduate faculty status (as noted in the row above) and has not gained full professor status, they must renew graduate faculty status every five years.

Adjunct/Clinical/Practitioner Graduate Faculty
Adjunct or Visiting Faculty holding at least a Master's degree and must have certification / licensure or demonstrated clinical/practical leadership in a specialization related to the course content. Renewal is required every five years.
Retired Graduate Faculty
Faculty who held a Full-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty with Department's Terminal Degree at the time of retirement.  Renewal is required every three years.