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Graduation & Commencement

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All students in a degree or university certificate seeking program must apply for graduation. If you have applied for graduation and find you will not be able to meet one of these deadlines, you must notify the Graduate School prior to the deadline to avoid your application being cancelled. You may request a deferrment for up to one year.

Departmental Certificates, Professional RANK and Endorsements are not degree seeking programs/certificates and do not need to apply for graduation. You can verify your program status on your EKU Degree Works.

Deadlines to apply for graduation are listed found below. Applying after the dates listed will include the stated late fees. Be sure to apply early to avoid late fees! 

January 31 - Spring Deadline ($50 late fee after 1/31, $100 late fee after 3/15)
May 31 - Summer Deadline ($50 late fee after 5/31, $100 late fee after 6/30)
August 31 - Fall Deadline ($50 late fee after 8/31, $100 late fee after 10/15)

Please note that late fees are in addition to the $55 Graduation Application fee.
(Although late applications are permitted with late fees, the deadline to be included in commencement printed program is March 1st for Spring/Summer candidates & October 1st for Fall.)

Apply for Graduation Today through myEKU

Applications open:
Spring 2023 - May 1, 2022
Summer 2023 - August 1, 2022
Fall 2022 - December 1, 2021

Click Here for FAQ's regarding the graduation application.

Doctoral Candidates
Deadline to submit graduation application and Doctoral Commencement Participation Form:
January 31st - Spring Commencement
August 31st - Fall Commencement
(Submissions after this date cannot guarantee commencement participation due to special ordering of doctoral regalia.)

Attend GradFest to pick up regalia, confirm diploma name/address and more
Contact EKU Bookstore to order your graduation regalia. 

Commencement Ceremonies
Commencement is held twice a year in the Spring (May) and Fall (December).  Students who are earning their degree in the summer are encouraged to attend the May commencement.  (Excluding Doctoral students who participate only after the degree is completed).  Please see the  Registrar's commencement information

Diplomas are mailed out 6-8 weeks after the degrees are awarded.

Transcript Reflecting Degree
Your degree bearing transcript will be available after the end of the semester for which you complete all program requirements.
Fall: Mid-Late January
Spring: Mid-Late May
Summer: Mid-Late August

Thesis & Dissertation Requirements
The Thesis Guideline Summary explains how to format your document correctly which will speed up the submission process and allow you to receive your degree sooner.  (Late submissions cannot be guaranteed to be cleared in time for graduation.)