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Initial Graduate Faculty Appointment

Associate Graduate Faculty

Full-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty with Department's Terminal Degree, have not previously applied for graduate faculty status.  Associate status has a two year appointment - followed by a nomination to full Graduate Faculty.

Associate Graduate Faculty may teach courses at the graduate level and serve on thesis and/or comprehensive examination committees and graduate curriculum committees, as well as the Graduate Council.  Associate Graduate Faculty may also serve as chair of thesis committees but should be mentored by another member of the Graduate Faculty when chairing a thesis committee for the first time.

*Please complete the application electronically (handwritten forms may be returned), print, and obtain required signatures before sending to the Graduate School.

Generally, applicants for Initial Appointment - Associate Graduate Faculty status must meet the following criteria:

Educational Background and Tenure Status

  • Hold a full-time tenure/tenure-track appointment at EKU;

  • Have earned the highest degree normally awarded in the field

Duration of Status

Initial Appointment - Associate Graduate Faculty status is granted for two years. After that time, faculty must apply for and be approved as Associate or Full Graduate Faculty.