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Academic Reading and Writing 101 for Graduate School

Noel Studio

Graduate school requires a higher level of critical engagement, comprehension, and scholarly writing than is customary at most undergraduate institutions.  This workshop will address the different expectations for academic reading and writing at the graduate level and provide specific strategies, tools, and resources to help new graduate students develop the skills necessary to be successful in graduate school. Workshop will be led by Dr. Clint Stivers, Assistant Director, Noel Studio for Academic Creativity.

Two dates available for the Fall 2018 semester:

  • Tuesday, September 4th, 2:30pm - 4:00pm in Crabbe Library Room (TBD)

  • Thursday, October 18th, 3:00pm -4:30pm in Crabbe Library Room (TBD)

Click here to reserve your spot!

Published on December 14, 2017