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GA Spotlight - Gabrielle Emmons


Hi, my name is Gabrielle Emmons, and I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I will graduate in May and plan to obtain a job in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. I am originally from Flemingsburg but currently reside in Richmond, KY. I attended EKU for my undergraduate career and received a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders. I am also a Graduate Assistant at the Graduate Education & Research office at EKU.

Why did you choose EKU?

Coming from a small, eastern Kentucky town and having parents that were both educators, I knew that I wanted to help others and provide services to those in need. I investigated different programs throughout the state and came across Speech-Language Pathology. After observing this field, I gained a newfound passion for this population and knew that this was what I was destined to do. Following some extensive research on EKU’s Communication Disorders program, I learned how qualified this program is and the data that proved this to be true. With a 100% pass rate for the Praxis Examination, 100% employment rate, and 100% completion within the expected period over the past three years, I knew this program would be difficult but would provide me with the best opportunity to enhance my career as a future Speech Language Pathologist. 

What are some of your duties as a GA and what have you learned through this position?

Some of the duties as a GA in the Graduate School office are running the social media and keeping students up to date on events, deadlines, and dates that could be useful to them. I assist students and potential students in all things graduate school at EKU including transcript questions, application questions, technical assistance, and more! I also assist in planning, implementing, and executing graduate school events such as GradBlitz. This job keeps me busy, but I have loved every second of getting to work at the Graduate School office.

Why do you enjoy working for your department specifically?

I enjoy working for the Graduate School because of the atmosphere that is conveyed here. Each staff member welcomed me with open arms and was there to aid with any questions that I had. Dr. Baggett, as well as the other staff members, keeps the graduate school organized and prepared to assist students in the graduate school process!

Any other comments, tips, or advice for individuals starting graduate school here at EKU?

I would tell anyone that is thinking about attending graduate school at EKU to go for it! With over 97 programs including options in Doctorate, Masters, Ranks, Certifications, and Endorsements, there is something for everyone. Over half of the graduate programs here at EKU allow students to complete their degree 100% online, enabling working professionals to take advantage of advanced technology and quality instruction, as well as the flexibility for students and staff. Each program starts with quality programs with quality faculty, which I have seen first-hand as they are committed to their students and determined to provide quality instruction. Lastly, the financial aspect has played a huge role in my graduate experience at EKU. By receiving a reduced tuition rate due to my Graduate Assistantship and scholarships that were provided to me, I can continue receiving my education at EKU and learn alongside my peers. My time at EKU has been nothing short of amazing as I have learned so much about myself as a student and as a future professional and because of this, I would recommend Eastern Kentucky University to anyone interested in continuing their education.

Published on September 26, 2019