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Retired Graduate Faculty

Faculty who held a Full-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty with Department's Terminal Degree at the time of retirement.  Renewal is required every three years.
EKU Faculty who hold Graduate Faculty status at the time of retirement from EKU may be granted Retired Graduate Faculty status for an initial three-year period subject to recommendation by the Department and approval by the Graduate Council.  Retired Graduate Faculty are eligible for additional three-year appointments subject to notification of, and approval by, the Graduate Council.  
Retired graduate faculty may teach courses at the graduate level and serve on thesis and/or comprehensive examination committees and graduate curriculum committees.  Retired Graduate Faculty are NOT eligible to serve as the chair of thesis or dissertation committees.   

Retired Graduate Faculty must meet the following criteria:

Educational Background and Tenure Status

  • Hold a full-time tenure appointment and be a member of the Graduate Faculty at EKU at the time of retirement;

  • Have earned the highest degree normally awarded in the field

Duration of Status

Retired Graduate Faculty status is granted for three years but may be reviewed by resubmitting the application for Retired Graduate Faculty status.