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Thesis Guidelines

The Graduate School now only accepts theses and dissertations submitted electronically. Students preparing graduate theses should carefully review the Thesis Guidelines and prepare your document according to the specific instructions.

Start Here - Download Guidelines
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 Use the Thesis/Dissertation Template
Checklist - Thesis Guidelines Summary

To help you with the formatting of your thesis, students are strongly encouraged to use the formatting specifications provided on the EKU Thesis Template Example. Everything in red must be filled in by you. This example template provides the format for the basic thesis pages; some disciplines may use additional sections. See the Thesis Guidelines for detailed instructions.

Electronic Submission Instructions

Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) will be published with ProQuest® UMI and also in EKU's institutional repository. Electronic theses and dissertations will be available to other scholars and individuals through the internet. The process for submission and acceptance of electronic theses and dissertations is as follows:
  1. Candidates who have successfully completed their defense should complete the ETD Submission form.
  2. The Signature Page, Permission to Use, (both found in template) and ETD Submission forms should be uploaded as PDF HERE.
  3. The chair of the thesis/dissertation committee should email an electronic Word version of the thesis or dissertation to
  4. Candidates will be notified by EKU email with instructions to enter biographical information into the ProQuest website.
  5. Candidates will be notified via EKU email for formatting changes required before final publication. You will not be cleared to graduate until your thesis has been approved by the Graduate School and the final submission to ProQuest has been made.

Personal copies can be purchased during the electronic submission process or you order copies by contacting Proquest Author services at  You may also inquire about options and pricing with commercial binder H/F Group at (800) 334-3628.

*MFA Students - Contact your advisor for specific instructions regarding your thesis submission process. 


Thesis Submission Deadlines for Graduation:
  • April 11 - Spring Graduation (May)
  • July 2 - Summer Graduation (August)
  • November 10 - Fall Graduation (December)
Other Resources that may assist in your thesis/dissertation development:

Noel Studio: The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity, located in the heart of the Crabbe Library, provides graduate consultations for all types of communication projects. Students may bring sections of their thesis or dissertation in for a consultation at any stage of the process. Consultants can provide feedback on global issues in your thesis or dissertation, such as consistency, organization, and coherence. For more information, visit

Questions and Answers on Copyright for the Campus Community: You will have the option to copyright your document through the electronic thesis submission process. This will provide you will a detailed background of Copyright details.

Right Aligning the Page Numbers on Your Table of Contents
Using Microsoft WORD
  1. Under the Home tab expand the paragraph menu. You can expand by pushing the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the section.
  2. Click on "Tabs" button which is located in the lower lefthand corner of the popup menu.
  3. Under Tab stop position, type 6.0 as the position for a new tab.
  4. Under Alignment, select 'right' alignment for text typed at the tab stop.
  5. Under Leader, click the leader option number 2, and then click Set.
  6. If you haven't yet typed your Table of Contents start typing it and press the tab key after you type your content item. The dot leader will go to the 6.0 margin automatically. Once there, just type in your page number and it will self-adjust to be right aligned at the margin.
  7. If you have already typed your Table of Contents and you want to get it looking a bit nicer then take the following steps:
    • Select your whole table of contents, then complete steps 1 through 5 listed above
    • Place your cursor in front of your page number and backspace to delete all your dots
    • Press the tab key and the dot leaders and your page numbers will be automatically aligned
    • You will need to do this with each line item in your Table of Contents.

If you find that the right margin isn't quite where you would like it, repeat steps 1 through 4 above, but change the Tab stop position to something more appropriate. Anything higher than 6.0 will be closer to the right edge of the page, and anything less than 6.0 will be further from the right edge of the page.

Now you're finished; click "Ok" and you are on your way to a perfectly aligned Table of Contents.